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We just featured on Surrey Cast Podcast!

Jake and I are excited to have been featured on the Surrey Cast Podcast!

A wonderful Podcast that features whats on in Surrey!

We discuss with the lovely Neil from Surrey Cast, how Jake and I (Melé) have joined forces and business, to provide wholesome and delicious catering, yoga, workshops, retreats, holidays and events in Surrey and the world! (Sounds dramatic, but its true J)

Here’s Neil’s Description of the podcast…..

“And……….Melé and Jake, A husband and wife team who combine their skills of food ( and Yoga ( to offer some amazing new holiday retreats (

You have to hear this as it could be just the ticket for your wellbeing, after the difficult 2 years we’ve had.”

We also briefly cover, some of the misconceptions of yoga….like you have to be flexible and bendy to do yoga – but you don’t! Yoga is more than just a physical practise (Asana). It includes breathwork, meditation, social and personal ethics, multiple styles from restorative and refuelling to energising and much more……combined it can help you navigate life more healthily and peacefully.

As Krishnamacharya famously quoted;

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga!”