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Introducing Melé Sound Baths, Healing and Massage

Helping you to 

Move, Pause and Grow

Snapshot on Melé Sound Healing

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"My sessions are designed to make you feel better in your bodies, enhance the quality of your breath 
and find a little bit of space, whether that's time for yourself or peace of mind."


I remember being introduced to sound healing as part of my yoga teacher training.  We were in our second module in Spain, settling into our Savasana (the resting pose at the end of a yoga class).  I began to hear the sweet sounds of the bowls gently travelling through the studio.  Different tones, pitches, volumes, paces, waving and reverberating from all different directions.....and there were only two bowls?  My thoughts quickly dissipated as I dropped deeper into my Savasana.  The time absolutely flew by!  It was like I'd been taking on magic carpet ride somewhere else and when I returned I was feeling so peaceful calm and still in my body and mind.   I was familiar with Yin Yang yoga working on the meridian channels to help improve the flow of Prana/chi (same as the acupuncture energy body map) but this brought things to a whole new level!

I knew then that I wanted to learn more about Sound Healing, but being in the midst of my Yoga Teacher Training, I was going to have to be patient.  It's funny contemplating it now, as there is such a clear echo of similarity as to how I felt after my first yoga class, to completing my training.  I guess the universe sends you these similar nudges to catch your attention :)

How can Sound Healing help you:

I'll be holding a variety of sessions, from Yoga and Sound Baths, including Yang to Yin to Sound, Restorative / Yin and Sound and Solo Sound Baths.  I'll also be offering private sessions for both Sound Massage and Healing.  See below to understand more about what they are.

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Sound Healing
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SOund Meditation AKA Baths

A group session where you will lie down on your yoga mat, settle you self in comfortably and receive magical waves and vibrations of the singing bowls, gongs and more. 

Sound sessions comprise of a sound meditation AKA a sound bath.  


Once settled comfortably and led into a state of relaxation, you'll and receive magical waves and vibrations of the Tibetan Singing Bowls and more.  


These magical Full Moon Bowls are aligned to the Chakra System (that follows the same energetic pathways used in acupuncture, along with the endocrine medical system).  It is said that we are made of up to 70% water, so the waves of the vibrations work through the body and Chakras, to help you realign. Each bowl is tuned to a specific frequency related to each of the main seven Chakras, allowing their frequencies to balance and heal.  No two sound session will be the same.  


The frequencies will go to where they need to go.  From the same sound bath I have had participants drop into a bliss/dream like state that totally quietened their mind in to the next day(s), to another being energised and motivated.  Each participant receives what is individually required for them at that time.  


Just like physiotherapy or massage, each session is a step too healing, will be different and can take time and multiple sessions to become familiar with the practice.   

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SOund Healing

Take time out in this nourishing and Chakra balancing sound healing session.


You'll be invited to settle yourself down onto a comfy yoga mat and blanket surrounded by the Magical Full Moon Tibetan Singing bowls.

Similar to a Sound Meditation / Bath described above.  But I'll place the Tibetan singing bowls in specific positions outside and around your body.  Their positioning allows me to circulate and play the frequencies in special sequences.  These sequences and positions help tap in to what your body, mind and soul require at that moment.  Tailoring the session to you need whether that be relaxation, energising, physical ailment healing etc.

Melé Yoga and Sound Massage 7.JPG

SOund Massage

Similar to Sound Healing but with the added benefit of  he bowls are placed on specific placements on the body.  This allows the vibrations to resonate and reverberate thorough certain points on the body, providing more refined and targeted healing frequencies.  Their bespoke placements can help free the flow of prana / chi and balance the Chakras. 


They also provide a holistic and relaxing massage through their vibrations of sound, touch, energy and more.

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