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Melé Yoga Recommended Yoga Equipment

Yoga equipment goes further than just a mat. There are a multitude of items that can help enhance and deepen your practice, so here’s my recommended go-to list. Please know that I am not sponsored by any of the brands I mention, these are just my personal views.


Picking a mat can be daunting, with such a vast range available. So perhaps start by looking at a budget, then size, weight and materials. Some mats I recommend are:

  • Liforme Yoga Mat - good quality, non-slip mat environmentally-friendly (£££)

  • Manduka X Yoga Mat Magic - good quality, a wide range of sizes thicknesses, lifetime guarantee on some models (££)

  • Yogamatters Sticky Yoga Mat – Lightweight, cushioned great value (£)

Other equipment:

  • 1x strap (personally I prefer the longer and wider straps)

  • 2x bricks (foam or cork tend to be lighter)

  • 2x rectangular blocks (foam or cork tend to be lighter. You may find you need more)

  • 1x yoga rectangle/round bolster (if you can invest in one of each I would)

  • 2x yoga blankets (Cotton ones are non-slip)

  • 1 – 3 eye pillows (they extra ones are nice to hold in Savasana)

  • Chalk ball / Liquid chalk (to help prevent you from slipping on your mat)

  • Mat cleaning spray