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Class Booking Guide

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From there you will see the Melé Yoga Bookwhen booking page



The system is easy to use and guides you through. 

I've created a few guides and popped a few notes below:

Log into your Melé Yoga account - Go to the Members Area (Bookings)

Sign in and you'll see the above booking system.

To book class by class

Click the class date and type (i.e.Meadow/Online) you wish to attend.


To buy a class pass

Select Class passes at the top left.  Select the relevant class pass you would like (please note some passes are for private / closed group's.  Please only select these if you are in these groups). 

Select at least one class you would like to attend.  You can select the balance of classes at a later-date, within the relevant timescales.  

Class by class / Class pass cont.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page on the right and hit select.  Scroll back up picking any other classes you want to add to your basket.  Once you are done, click view selections.

If you have a discount code enter it now

Click book now.  

(Some closed group classes have a password, you would enter it now, when prompted)

Enter your email.  If you use the same email and create an account the system will remember some of your choices making future bookings easier and quicker.

Complete the details prompted and you'll be taken to a secure payment area.

You will receive a booking reference and confirmation email once complete. 


The confirmation email will have links for online classes if relevant.

There are also some great videos created by Bookwhen here too:

Booking a ticket


Buying class passes

You first need to create an account with Melé Yoga.  Click here to do this

I have also created a guide to help you: 

  • Sign into an existing account 

  • Reset your password

  • Create an account 



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