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To this day Melé remembers the effect her first yoga class had on her and her friends.  An immense feeling of stillness, calm and enlightenment, yet after moving and working their bodies.The ability to guide someone into this state of peace and wellbeing intrigued Melé and started her on her Yoga journey.
It also made her hungry to understand how to bring others into
this state, which is where she began her teacher training journey.   


Melé first practised yoga in 2004.  She holds the following 200hr qualifications; British Wheel of Yoga (BWY accreditation), Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) registered and Yoga Alliance US certified, having completed her 200hr Teacher Training with world-renowned yoga teacher Simon Low and The Yoga Academy, 


Melé offers regular group and one-to-one yoga classes in and around Surrey.  Her yoga style is a blend of Hatha, Yin Yang and mindful Vinyasa Flow Yoga.


Melé would love to share the yoga journey with you, so get
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No matter your fitness level and experience, Melé Yoga has a class to help boost your health and fitness. Contact me for more details and to reserve a spot in my next class.


With new things being found out every day, I like to keep an open mind and continue to deepen my knowledge by attending regular ongoing training and workshops.  Passing on what I have learnt in my teachings is really important to me.


200hr Teacher Training with Simon Low and The Yoga Academy

200hr British Wheel of Yoga (BWY accreditation)

200hr Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) registered

200hr Yoga Alliance US certified  

First Aid Certified

Ongoing Training and Workshops



8 hr The Power of Prana with Julie Martin

30 hr The Evolution Of A Yoga Practice with Julie Martin

Guided Body Worlds Exhibition with Gary Carter

Ongoing Philosophy workshops with Gill Lloyd

Hip, Pelvis and Lower Back with Julie Gudmestad

Learn to breathe with MaxStrom

A way of moving with John Stirk

Working with What You've Got: Fascia and Biotensegrity with Stu Girling

Working with What You've Got: Hips with Stu Girling

Absolutely positively happy with Mercedes Ngoh Sieff

Finding Our Foundations – Primary Support – The Foot & the Lower Leg with Gary Carter       

Trauma in Tissues with Gary Carter  

Absolutely. positively. Strong vinyasa flow yoga + positive psychology coaching with Mercedes Ngoh Sieff

Hands-on Adjustments: a teacher’s workshop with Mimi Kuo Deemer 

Precision + subtlety in practice with Anna Ashby


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Move . Pause . Grow

One to Ones

Melé Yoga holds regular open group, private group and one to one classes in and around Surrey.  Offering a variety of yoga that is suitable for all levels.  Each class is carefully sequenced to provide a well-rounded flow, with modifications to ensure all students feel safe, whilst still building strength, balance, focus and flexibility.


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“Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.”

Thích Nhãt Hnh 

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